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Who am I and how can I help you?

My name is Jim Crane, I am in my 70s and I have no criminal record or speeding tickets (Well, I had a couple of parking tickets but I paid for those).

So being a responsible citizen, I have invested 20 years of my life in the profession of teaching exercise programs.  I have received several certifications, attended more than a hundred workshops, and taught over a thousand students.

While, I have mainly taught in the US, in states such as Las Vegas, West Virginia, and my home base Wisconsin, my teaching experience extends beyond the border to Canada and Peru,


Enough about me.  (my copywriter said I should not talk too much about myself) but if you think they are wrong then get my book because I talk extensively about myself. 

Are you impressed? Well, you should not be! 

For if I was asked the same questions, I would say, “Who cares? The only thing that counts is results.”

As for me, I can actually show you the results. You can check my testimonials, to hear the results from my actual students who are sworn to tell the truth under penalty of prosecution.

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I can guarantee results because I have stood in your shoes and walked your path.

I have recovered from a herniated disk and pinched nerve. I have been laid up for weeks and had considered surgery once the pain became unbearable. 

However, that was 25 years ago and I found the tools to work through all that without surgery.

(How un-American can you get?)

I have done it for myself, and thousands of my students and now I can definitely do it for you!


Once you order the program and do the recommended exercises, your status is elevated to an “Empower Builder.”

Then, you will have access to my live online program where you can rub elbows with other Empower Builders. You can ask questions, share your experiences, and insult me right to my face (That alone will be worth the price of admission).

So, the aim truly is to empower yourself so that you can mold the program according to the needs and requirements of your body.

Following are a few ways in which I can help you transform into an Empower Builder:


You will customize each exercise to fit your needs. This implies that if I had surgery on my left arm just last year, then I should not be expected to do the same exercise in the same way as I do with the right one.  Make sense?

I truly respect the needs and also the limitation of your body to create a program especially made for you.


We respect the stretch reflexes which is the muscle’s attempt to protect itself from being overstretched. It actually contracts to accomplish this, so we have to coax it over time to release its tension.

The program aims at a proper schedule to ensure that you don’t overburden yourself.


By bringing awareness into each exercise, we make necessary changes to the program. The body will eventually send you the message through what you are feeling.
In this program, your body will guide you through the entire process!


How do we create this awareness? By moving through each exercise slowly and with control. We will only be doing, what your body is actually ready to do. So that you can feel exactly what is going on in your bodies.

We believe in giving your muscles a chance to adapt to the exercise routine. 

The whole process can be summarized into 5 steps:

  • Get muscles used to the exercise.

  • As muscles adapt, add challenges to the muscle.

  • Add more time onto the exercise session

  • Increase the number of sessions

  • Do regular maintenance sessions

If you are willing to know more about the strategies and methodologies that I have developed over the years, then you can order my 56-page E-book.

Read my part of the journey for just $7.95!

Once you have decided to either buy the book or not, take some time to check out my Testimonial page where you can hear stories from my current students.

So, fill in the blanks, get the book and I will meet you at the next step.

Place your order now for only $7.99





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Wisconsin, 54902, USA.
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Return & Refund Policy

If you're unhappy with the Empower Building Club you purchased, you're welcome to return it for a 100% refund of your purchase money from the club within 60 days from the date of purchase.

However, for obvious reasons, the Empower Building Videos are NON-RETURNABLE, so there's no refund on that.

For items eligible for returns, please send them to 239A, W 7th Avenue, Oshkosh Wisconsin, 54902, USA.

You may also contact us for support at

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